deck material on a balcony over the sun

10 homes you can buy for $650,000

The 2,627-square-foot house has a second-floor deck that looks over a patio with a built-in grill, refrigerator and serving island. It also has an office with built-in bookcases, a finished

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Hot Springs, Arizona

It has a fireplace, sun room, two kitchens and a multipurpose space that opens onto a patio with views of the lake. Outside, there are two decks, one of which includes a fire pit with a removable

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Easy Spring Cleaning

They are terrific for cleaning your deck, patio, patio furniture, walkways, etc. In the past in order to have a pressure washer that would be strong enough, it needed to be gasoline engine powered

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This Old House

Awnings and special sun-shade screening are used to protect Tom and Ellen's Phoenix home from the southwestern heat, and balcony doors are hung.

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Excerpt: "The Last Boy"

House Democrats have been stonewalled over the last two years when it came to subpoenas on various Trump administration dealings. But now Democrats have the majority, and Elijah Cummings plans to

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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

Continue to the next room and stay on the balcony if you fall climb the hanging fabric to get back to the balcony . Wait for the fire breathing statues to stop then jump from platform to platform. The next hall has a number of easily destroyed enemies.

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Short fiction from CNET: Time in a Bottle, Part 1

The deck had been an invention of Meg's father, Bill, whose favorite places in the world were locations that gave the illusion of peril, like The Ledge at the Willis Tower and the 470-yard glass

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